Welcome to the
Dari Rulai Temple

Experience the healing miracle of Buddhism!

Do you want to have a healthy body? Do you need good luck? Would you like to experience overflowing financial resources? Would you like to have an environment that is according to your wishes?

See how Esoteric Buddhism can help! Come visit the Dari Rulai Temple.

The Dari Rulai Temple was established in Los Angeles by Dharma King Dechan Jueren, 49th lineage bearer of the Chinese Esoteric School, and 47th lineage bearer of the Linji School of Chan/Zen Buddhism.

We offer spiritual healing, instruction in Esoteric and Zen Buddhist spiritual healing and meditation, and a wide range of temple prayer services.



We are located at:

441 E. 1st St
Long Beach, CA 90802 USA

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The Dari Rulai Temple and its representatives offer spiritual healing work as a part of its centuries-old religious mission of spiritual upliftment, world service and charitable activities. The spiritual healing work offered by the Temple is in no way intended to be a diagnosis, cure, healing, or treatment of any disease, condition or illness, in the medical sense of these terms. No part of our spiritual healing work is ever intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice. If you have a current medical condition, or even the possibility of a serious medical condition developing, you should seek the advice and care of a licensed physician or health care professional immediately. Any reference to "healing" in our programs, refers exclusively to personal spiritual healing, which may or may not occur through your participation in our religious and spiritual activities. You are solely responsible for your own medical situation and care, and the health of your physical body.